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Thoughts on .32-20 for the kid.
  • I've been researching some different calibers for Ella. .32-20 seems to fit the bill pretty well. I know the brass isn't cheap, but not many things about shooting sports are, so I'll have to save elsewhere when I can. There are a lot of new .32-20 rifles and revolvers out there. .32 H&R is pretty much out of the question. It seems that when I have found any for sale, due to zero new manufacturing in single action, they can command high premiums. My thinking is that .32-20 is tame enough for her now, and she can use it later on too. She uses a 20 ga. auto for ducks with heavy loads and handles it well, so for the shotgun I am thinking a .20 ga SXS with low recoil low noise loads will be fine for the shotgun. Thanks for your input.
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  • .32-20 brass and bullets aren't cheap or all that easy to find.
    She's big enough to shoot .38 Special...........
    No reason to go with 20 ga as there ain't that much difference from low recoil 12 ga.
    Just load light 12 ga loads. What I do for Ima........
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