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  • Hi guys, I want to officially announce that the Long Range Side Match Extravaganza is ON! We will be shooting it in October, on our regularly scheduled Match day. There will be no regular match for October. Instead, we will be shooting our First Ever Long Range Side Match Extravaganza!!! Shooters will be able to test their long range prowess in the following categories.

    1-Pistol Caliber Rifles and Carbines At 100 Yards On Steel
    2-Rifle Caliber Repeaters At 200 Yards On Steel
    3-Single Shot "Buffalo Rifles" At 200 Yards On Steel
    4-Single Shot "Buffalo Rifles" At 300 Yards On Steel
    5-Main Match Type Revolvers At 50 Yards On Steel

    In all five of these categories, shooters are allowed twenty minutes to shoot an unlimited amount of sighters and ten shots for score. Please understand that we will adjust the time as necessary for the shooting of Black Powder in the Single Shot "Buffalo Rifle" categories, to accommodate blow tube and cleaning as required. Shooters score will be total number of hits, anywhere on the steel target, during their ten round string.

    I addition to these categories:

    Shooters can sight in on paper bullseyes at 100 and 200 yards. I will have large black bullseyes (hopefully 18 to 24" in diameter) set up on wooden target stands with a white background, for contrast, so that any shooter who so desires , can take a full twenty minutes to fire as many rounds as they want to get their sight settings at these ranges.

    There will also be a similar paper target, possibly with a small white center in the large black bullseye, set at 200 yards for any shooter to try his skill from sitting, prone, or any position other than from the benches, with or with out crossed sticks, to fire ten rounds for score. No sighters on this one guys. This category is for the smallest group size and will be measured by the smallest group of five holes out of the ten possible hits. Any of the guns eligible for one of the main match categories may be used here.

    Probably, the way to shoot this match would be to use the sight in station first to get your settings squared away on paper, then move to the various main stages, finishing up with the smallest group contest. So bring out whatever it is you might have, and if you have a 30-30, or something like that, with only jacketed bullets, you can still have fun, just on the paper targets only. Since this is the first ever Extravaganza, I don't expect it to run perfectly, but we will have a lot of fun and we will learn a lot as well. Please help me to spread the word, and let's discuss what firearms we have so we can see who we can share with, for those who don't have some of the guns required for these categories. You all, at least, have your main match pistols and rifles, or carbines, so we are covered there. More to come in my next post.

    My Very Best
  • The price will still be ten dollars and the start time will still be 9:00am. I will need as much help as possible with, crossed sticks, spotting scopes or powerful binoculars, if anybody has a laser range finder, that would be very helpful. Some blankets to cover the benches, or shooting mats for prone or sitting, sand bags or front rests of any kind for while we are at the benches. Maybe I should have said that we will be firing all five of the main stages from the benches. What color do you want to paint the steel? My thinking is to run the firing line hot in twenty minute intervals, then, cease fires to paint and service the targets.

    I have a Marlin 336CB, in 38-55, that I have 100 rounds loaded. I would be willing to share.
    I have a Winchester 1886 Rifle replica, in 45-70, with 100 rounds loaded. I will be shooting this one but will share it with the remaining of ammo.
    I have a Winchester 1886 Carbine replica, in 45-70, that will draw from the same 100 rounds as the rifle above. I may shoot this one as well but will share it with the remaining ammo.
    I have a Winchester 1885 Hi-Wall replica, in 45-70, that I have 100 rounds for. I will be shooting this one in three categories but will gladly share it with the remaining ammo.

    Please get with me to let me know who needs guns and ammo and please do what you can to spread the word to our members who we don't see on these forums.

    All ammunition will be lead bullets, with the rare exception for the guy who just ain't got anything but jacketed, an those few will only be allowed to shoot at paper. There will be no maximum velocity requirement for this match. If you likes e'm hot, loads e'm hot!

    There will be amazing and substantial prizes but, do we want to award the category winners or do it by opportunity drawing?

    It's only two weeks away so let's get moving on this!

    All My Best
  • The 20 minute time limit. Is that for both sighters and score shots?
    Will there be more than one relay, for folks sharing guns?
    Are the steel targets being used, the ranges 'lollipop' targets on the left side of the range?
    They are made of AR-500 steel. A .30-30 jacketed bullet won't hurt'em.
    Paint the steel targets black, this gives best contrast.
    Seeing any shot placement on paper past 200 yds can and will be a real challenge. Steel is much easier to score and confirm hits on.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Hi Lumpy,
    Yes the 20 minutes is for sighters and for score shots. We can stretch it out some, for the black powder shooters, depending on turn out. The single shot rifles will be on the 200 and 300 yard lollipops and if most folk do really well there we can stretch the yardage out further. For the pistol caliber rifles and the rifle caliber repeaters, on steel, we will be shooting at our larger targets, like the buffalo, the vulture and the big jug. I was thinking to paint the targets black as well ,but thought I would ask. So far I have only had responses from those who won't be there and you folks will be sorely missed. I am building target stands today. They will be at least 48 inches square and I am on my way to the craft store to find some black bullseyes. I will be checking this forum all weekend.

    My Best
  • Try 9" paper plates and paint'em flat-black.
    Seems very few folks even look at this great forum. May have to go back to the phone 'tree' and email to spread the word.
    FWIW: No word was sent out about the Sept BBQ/auction either, that I know of. May well be the reason for the small turnout.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I made large target frames, 51" by 44", and covered them in some whit plastic sheet that Mojave Bob gave me. Now, I am making 22" Black Bullseyes from poster board. For the 100 yard sight in target, I might put a 10", white paper plate, in the middle of the black bullseye.

  • Alright guys and gals, this is it! I think that we are very nearly ready for our First Ever Long Range Extravaganza! Mojave Bob will be prepared to paint the steel black and I believe that he is bringing his spotting scope as well. Deadwood dealer might be bringing some stuff with him. I think that I have everything ready. I hope to see all of you there, tomorrow morning. I am away from my e-mail so, if you need to communicate, I will be checking in on this forum as the day progresses. Hoping to get to an antique tractor parade around noon though.

    My Best
  • We still on with the wind and rain?
  • I'm sorry to have missed this event. I was hoping and planning on attending but ended up going to Arizona on family business.

    I'm a little ashamed I even missed the announcement. I should have checked more often on the forum.

    I've been away for a few months. Family things going on and it's been too hot for my heart condition. Still... I'm missing it.

    I'd love to hear about it and I hope it was fun.
  • You were sorely missed Grumpy, and it seems a mite longer than just a couple of months since we got together. You had me worried that I had made you mad fer doin such a poor job on your bullet mould! in all honesty, it is always a pleasure to see you and to have you at our shoots. I really hope that, now that it is cooling off, we will see more of you. We all had great fun and I sent a write up to Rusty, just the other day, that he will be putting up on the home page. We learned a lot about shooting in the High Desert winds and, about how to run a match like this one as well. We weren't able to have any paper targets, on account of the wind, so we had a hard time figuring our dope. Next time we will have more ridged time periods and each shooter, since there was only five stations, will have a spotter/teammate. This way I can start a 20 minute segment and know that there is only one shooter using each of the targets. Then I would announce "Ten Minutes Left" so that the fellas could start, or at least know where they are in their 20 minute period, working on their shots for score. Then the two could switch jobs and the other fella could shoot for the next twenty minutes. We would have cease fires in between for target service and group size measurement. My thanks and my heart go out to Deadwood Dealer. He brought all manner of shooting accessories. Shooting mats, front rests, steel targets, and a badly needed spotting scope. That damnable wind gusted and swept Deadwoods spotting scope right off the bench, right before our terror filled eyes, and broke the S**T out of it. You should have seen Acton Curly with his Rolling Block. He couldn't hardly miss! Some nice shooting to be sure Curly! Maybe this will become an annual event. We can also do a quickie version, after our regular monthly match, once in a while. I let the boys shoot anything that I had brung, but made sure that Rusty shot my Marlin 336CB in 38-55. He's hooked! That reminds me, gun show in Ventura, Oct. 29-30 and Dec 17-18. That's all for now.

    My best
  • It sounds like you had a great time!
    I've been tied up with too many obligations this year.
    I even allowed my HDM club dues pass on by. Now I have to start over again.

    I don't think I've gone shooting ANYTHING since the last time I shot with the group. Sad but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    Too bad about the spotting scope, that has to sting.

    Congrats to Curly on the report of doing a great job!

    I'll be looking for the write up.

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