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HDC member in the Rose Parade
  • YUP-Our own 'Cayuse Kate' was an out-rider for the Wells Fargo Stage entry. =D>
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I knew she was to be in it but I missed seeing her. Did anybody see her on camera? was Hank driving the stage?

    My Best
  • Nice! Hoping to get back with the group soon! life has been kickin us. My Dad died this last August 5th and now my Uncle is in a hospic and its not looking good. Sheeesh . . bad year!!! But . . Min and I got our earthwalkers so our "feet" have been taken care of. I am definitely ready to fling lead agin!!!! Want to do some long range too . . . if theres interest. nudge nudge. On another note, is Rusty still taking care of this site? I need to change my email addy but cannot. I can access it but it will not change. So currently . . it is wrong (no wonder its taken me awhile to find out how to log back in!).

    Lancaster Longshot

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