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Monthly Match Report
  • Well well well, I see 'ol Doc finally found his pencil (or quill and ink)!!!

    Nice report Doc. I always look forward to the Match Reports and even more so when I've missed a match. Since I've missed 3 (or 4) in a row I was really looking forward to an update.

    I know you are very busy and give us a great deal of your time and I just want to put the teasing aside long enough to say thank you very much.

  • I second that sentiment Doc. Thank you for all you do for the club!
  • Thanks fellas, I appreciate the compliments. I hope to be able to keep up better this year. I hope to see you out, at the January match Grumpy!

  • If it wasn't for Doc-There would be no HDC.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men

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