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June Match
  • Just checking to see if this month's match is going to be light due to Father's Day.
    I'm gong to try to go. The only thing that will keep me home is if it's going to be really hot. I'll be watching the forcasts.
  • Nearest weather station to the range. Gonna be warm-

    Ima and I will not make the shoot. We will be at a combo 19th b'day for our oldest grandkid and Fathers Day BBQ.
    With summer here now in the Mojave. We will start shoot'n again in the late Fall.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I have found we have a good turn out on fathers day. What father does not want to shoot? The high heat will keep shooters away this sunday.
  • I'm planning on being there if only to be sure Doc can take a look at my busted bullet mold.
    I was going to do an overnight but I can't get my generator to start! One more thing to fix I guess. I'm just glad I tested it before counting on it later.

  • How old is the gas in that genny?
    Details on the genny would help here-
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • It's a pair of generators and I've used stabizer and kept filters clean but I've had them for 5 years or more, they've been sound until recently.

    I'm sure they just need a tune up. I hate working on engines of any kind so these will be going to the shop.

    These are both Honda eu2000i linked together.
  • I know Honda EU2000 very well as I own 2 also. Really like them
    99.99999% of the time its a clogged main jet.
    Very simple to fix-Your more than welcome to bring them over and I'll show you how easy to work on they are. Bring a qt of Castrol 5W-30 oil and I'll do an oil change for you also. If you want-You can drop them off and I'll call you when ready.
    ALSO-You should only run premium gas in them-
    I use Seafoam for a stabilizer. Never any issue with any of my small gas engines.
    When was the last time you ran those gennys? Should run them for about 1/2 an hour every 60 days or so.
    Store them with a full tank of fuel.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Are you sure Lumpy? That's awful nice of you.
    I certainly didn't put my troubles online as "bait" for some help.

    I used one last fall camping and then again for some home repair work for a few hours about the same time. The second generator wouldn't start for me at that time and it's been sitting. Both have regular gas and were almost full the last time I looked. Probably not stored correctly.

    My son in law tried to get one working and told me all he had to do was choke it out with his palm and it ran fine... mickey mouse in my opinion. I'm not sure if he did anything that can't be undone. I was thinking of taking them in to a shop so they can replace parts if needed. Do you have access to new parts?
  • What your SIL did is for classic clogged main jet.
    Dump all the fuel in them now.
    Go to Walmart and buy a can of Seafoam and add 1oz to each gal of prem fuel.
    You may well need to flush your main gas can as I bet the crud is in it also.
    Do you drain the carb bowl when you put them away? You really must--
    Bring'em buy-I'll look'em over.
    Let me know when.
    Go to Honda and buy 2 new spark plugs-Get the ones Honda sells
    No promises-

    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • will do, thanks, I appreciate the advice.
  • Let me know if you want to drop them off with me.
    They are very easy to service.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I talked with my son in law and we're going to give iy a combined effort. Thanks.
  • You will have to disassemble the carb. to correct the issue.
    When you remove the carb's bowel you'll see the 'stem' that picks up the fuel. That's the area you need to clean out. Some very small parts here.
    I very strongly recommend, that you buy the Honda factory service manual before you start. Order the manual for the serial numbers on your generators. Honda makes on going changes--
    If you decide you don't want to tackle this-Let me know. I've done a dozen or more.

    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Thanks Lumpy, I appreciate it. I've found a local shop that can get the parts and the manual if I need it.

    I'm going to give it go without the manual first (feeling adventurous!)

    I'll not be able to work on them for at least another week, I've got an out of town thing going on next week.

    You missed a nice day shooting today!
    Doc took a look at my mold and it went home with him to see what he can do.
  • I would be VERY cautious about not having the Honda FSM in hand when you start this.
    The FSM is cheaper to buy than a trip to the Honda dealer.
    I'm pretty sure you can download one also--
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Many of us probably have this generator...I do. I appreciate this thread and will probably need it one day. Thanks Lumpy.
  • NP ;)
    Been very pleased with our Honda 'twins'.
    We have ours set up to run the house when need'd-
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Now that is a great idea Lumpy!

    Do you have to get the power company involved or can it be a dyi project.?

    We're back from our trip up north so i'll be working these genny's soon.
  • My step-son is a lic'd electrician. I have a background in electronics also.
    IF, you do run your home on a genny during a power failure. Make dang sure you open the main breaker, so you don't back-feed the grid and electrocute a lineman/repairman.
    You want what's called a transfer switch.

    This has come in handy a few times ;)

    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Wow, wasn't expecting the cost on that device!
    I think I will just use extension cords for the critical appliances.
  • Adds to the resale value of the house.
    Unless you use a 'gang' plug, you can only plug in 3 std 110vac cords to the two gennys.

    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I'll be in this house til I die I reckon, LOL. Let the kids worry about it.
    I agree though, it would be an attractive feature if buying. Something to think about down the line. Too many other things to spend money on.

    A gang plug is exactly what I have. 3 heavy duty cords too. 1 for the freezer, one for the fridge and one for misc. (Light, radio, tv) Possibly A/C if needed.

  • A/C only if it's 110volt.
    Our A/C is a roof mount 220vac unit.
    We do have our 'swamp' we can run on the gennys, as it's only 110vac.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • We have central A/C/heating as well but we have compartmentalized the house into "zones" and have window or wall mounted A/C units for those areas where people are instead of running the big cooler for the whole house. I also have one in the garage/shop that keeps it cool if I'm out there.
  • You need to know the wattage(convert that to amps)of each and every appliance, so you don't overload the gen-set.
    A/C units, on start up can draw up to to 20% more load(amps)than when they are running.
    Same goes for washers/dryers etc.
    Doesn't take much to exceed the 26 amp output these 2 Honda's can make. Their 30 amp rating, is for surge load only-NOT continuous load.

    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • As doez your wife.........LOL
    Price we pay for the best we will ever have. ;)
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • no argument there!
  • Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I just updated the Sharps section with my thanks to Doc. It looks good as new, couldn't ask for a better job.

    The Gennies are still waiting their turn for my attention. We had a few household chores that became important after the little mini storm we had, still working on some of that. Mostly debris cleanup and minor repairs.

    I actually went out and looked at them last weekend. They didn't jump and start themselves up so I went back in the house.... LOL.
  • My offer still stands.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • wait for me to screw them both up royal then we'll talk LOL.
  • That's WHY, I want'em NOW-------- :))
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • More challenging if you let Grumpy screw them up first! :P
  • Well, the wife had to use my truck all weekend cuz her car is in the shop. So I had plenty of time to spend working on the Generators.

    I must say these were a pleasure to work on. Everything was accessible and came off with no complications or busted knuckles.

    I watched a few You Tube videos and took my time and after a couple of hours or more I had the first generator up and purring like a kitten. I did the second one on Sunday and it only took me half the time to get it up as well.

    I have to say If "I" could do it without tossing my tools across the street, then anyone could do it.

    After a few cranks to get fuel into the system again they both start right up. I went back later and both started on the second pull!!! Yay!

    Thanks guys for the encouragement.
  • YAY!
    Now, if your not going to use them for a spell. Drain the carb on each.
    Make sure you close the vent on the fuel tank too.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Will do and it's simple enough to do there should never be an excuse not to do it when not in use.
  • I forgot to mention that I used my Sonic Cleaner to clean up the float valve and the two parts that came out of the carburetor's center. One is the jet orifice the other I have no idea what it is called. Long with holes on the sides as well as through the center. Couldn't see through them with a strong light before I dropped them into the Sonic Cleaner with about a tablespoon of Lem-Shine (citric acid) for two maximum cycles with heat.

  • Make sure the engine oil level is up to the bottom of threads, where the screw in dip stick goes in-If the oil level is below the threads, it might 'throw' a false low oil signal and shut down the genny automatically.
    FWIW: I run Castrol 5W-30 in ours.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • When I changed the oil I noted where the level was (right where you say) and scratched my head over it being so "full". The dip stick is pretty much worthless as you can clearly see the oil level. Seems to me a simple oil cap would be enough. But oh well, I filled it until it started to drip over the spill spout then tilted it a little to get the level at a little less. Did both Gens on one quart of oil with enough left over to get in the way.

    I'm thinking of going to the August match and camping out Saturday night now that I know I have air conditioning available. Not a definite plan yet but I have the option.
  • Great job on getting those two generators up and running Grumpy! Way to stick with it.

  • It really helps that I wasn't under a time constraint. For cars I've had to work on in my life it was always about getting it back together (hopefully in the right order) so I could drive it work on Monday. With these I always had the option of setting it aside for another day. Takes the stress right out of it.

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