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  • I want a new hat.
    Where do you get yours?
    I don't want to spend Hundreds of dollars either.
  • A few at antique shops, and the rest at Sass events
  • I spent too much on my first one. Second one at a shoot at Raahauges.
  • Call Bob Bumez, at All Hat Co.
    He is the one that made my green bowler.
    760 956 6209
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Thanks all. My wife is in Arizona right now is going to check out the Winter Range vendors to see what she can find.

  • She left you "Home Alone"? :D
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • yea how is it she has gone to Winter Range and you are still at home?
  • Ha!
    She has a wandering spirit!...

    No, really she works for an outfit that organizes State and County Fairs and she puts together entertainment and vendors. So while she's out there, she's going to check out Winter Range for potential vendors and write off the trip and expenses.

    She's usually gone 3 months out of the year. Get's lonely but I go out and visit every few weeks or so if I get a 3 day weekend. I might be heading out this weekend if I can swing it. Might drop in to Winter Range vendors to see what I can get.

  • Well, I found myself at the Winter Range event in Arizona this past weekend. First time for me! Very nice! Didn't shoot of course but saw more vendors and cowboys in one place than ever before.

    Oh, I spent way too much money on a new hat. I'll share when it gets delivered.
  • Good thing I didn't know you were go'n.
    You would have had company....... @-)
    I don't need to be spend'n just now, either.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • That would have been nice Lumpy, maybe makes some plans for next time.

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