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  • I love dogs.
    Cats are ok, but my dogs say they taste funny.

    Just kidding.

    We just got a new addition to the pack. His name is Micro, he's a Jack Russel Terrier mix. He's a rescue dog, 9 months old (as of this post) and is settling in nicely.

    I don't have a cowboy horse so ya'll will have to settle for my dog pictures.

    Here's a picture of the drive home yesterday from the rescue event we got him from:

    photo 20150531_175221_zpsj4ac8dcr.jpg
  • Great!! -I really do hope they are both restrained in your car-
    A crash you survive because you have a seatbelt on, can/will kill/cripple them.
    Just don't want you to have to deal with that kind of pain-----
    BTW-With them in your lap like that is a good way to get a ticket(distracted driving). CHP is big on this.
    We have a rescue, mini-Aussie named Sheila.
    Sheila loves to go for drives-Really likes our open Jeep CJ-7.
    How are they around gunshots?
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Not restrained. Wife harps on me about it too.
    Distracted? Nah, the dogs are in control the whole time...

    I know, I'm making light of a serious suggestion, I apologize.

    The small one "Nano" would probably crap herself inside out if she ever found herself near a gunshot!

    It's yet to be seen with the big one "Micro". He'll probably be going to range with me soon. No dogs allowed at my range so it will be a quick trip just to see how he does while in the truck.
  • Good luck and research restraints for the dogs.
    They really should have them--
    He's what we use for Sheila
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • This from the guy not worried about all the powder in his shop!!!

    Seriously, thank you, I know you care for you dog too. I appreciate the info.

  • They are a very good safety device-Also keeps the dog from being a fly'n 'missile' in a bad crash.
    PLEASE, get them for you dogs-Very well made.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • I've sent the link to the wife. I'm sure she would love to do it.
  • Looks like you got yourself a keeper there Grumpy. Rescues are the best!

  • "Rescues are the best"
    YES they are- All of my dogs have been 'rescue'.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Many years ago we bred AKC Cocker Spaniels but got out of it after seeing how others were doing things. Now we are strictly Rescue only owners.

    He's working out very well.
  • Looks as if micro has a keen eye on the road too.
  • I've got him teaching me chess now.
    chess photo maddie poppy and micro playing chess_zps0mkog6ag.jpg
  • Your Pawn to QB-3 is a good move ;)
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • It wasn't his idea
  • Hahaha
  • Well the new dog is working out very well. He's definitely my buddy and he seems to favor me over the rest of the family. I get home from work and he's all over me and then we are inseparable from then on till I leave for work the next day.

    Here he is helping me and my Granddaughter in the shop:
    photo 20150802_105751_zpstzunxksi.jpg

    And here he is helping me with my computer:
    photo 20150804_183339_zpsodmvecmn.jpg

    Boring to some I know but he's been a blessing to me and I just like sharing.

    "I just don't trust a man who doesn't like a good dog."

  • Sheila is like that with Barbara.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Oh, and his name has "morphed" from Micro to Mikie.
    The Micro name was supposed to be a cute pairing to my wife's little Chorkie named Nano. Micro and Nano... cute. Yeah, it didn't stay Micro it's now MIkie. I like it better.
  • It's amazing how they twist their way into your heart.
    I can't imagine my life, with out a Dog.
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • Had to drive to Arizona this Labor Day weekend.
    And of course I had my co-pilot along keeping his eye on the road.photo 20150907_111635_zpsd0phujj0.jpg

    After a few hours of co-piloting it was nap time...
    photo 20150907_134715_zpsuw6a1bza.jpg

    After resting up he took over driving for a while.
    photo 20150907_140310_001_zps4lej53z7.jpg

    (The one with him driving was while we were waiting in line for gas but it's a great picture anyway)
  • Teach him to work the horn. :D
    Hav'n you along, is like lose'n 2 good men
  • he's a real cutie Grumpy! Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Doc he's my buddy!

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